Legal Expense Insurance designed exclusively for Plaintiff’s Legal Costs

According to government estimates, to a point where quantification is possible, it has a liability of about $4 billion in claims.

With the federal government aggressively pursuing economic development on lands subject to First Nation claims, Aboriginal groups have the political capital to pursue claims, and the government is under growing pressure to move things along.

Many First Nations lack the financial resources to retain historians and legal counsel with the expertise in Aboriginal law and treaty rights needed to conduct thorough historical research, and prepare a comprehensive analysis and submission of the First Nation’s claim, in a manner that will afford the greatest likelihood the claim will be accepted for negotiation under the policy.

Without the financial resources to pursue these claims, most First Nations are forced to wait and see if either their claim will be accepted for negotiation, or if more funding will become available.

Filing a Specific Claim can cost over $500,000 at even the most basic level.

The current government funding pool available to First Nations for specific claims is only $4,000,000. This amount is shared across all First Nations. With the number of specific claims under negotiation at 448 and climbing, this leaves very little funding for each First Nation to access. Learn More >>

The LRMS Legal Expense Insurance program provides First Nations with access to funds needed to cover the fees and costs necessary to take a claim to the Specific Claims Tribunal, and beyond.

Our program ensures that a First Nation will not need to pledge assets as collateral, use up existing savings or funds earmarked for other initiatives, use existing investments and interest, or sell any assets. Learn More >>

Who We Are

Litigation Risk Management Services Ltd. (LRMS) is a litigation consulting company with over 15-years experience in the Canadian insurance market. Our goal is to leave a legacy of success with helping First Nations settle their specific land claims.

Our mandate was born from investing extensive time and resources into finding committed partners and developing top-tier products and services.

We’re proud to offer one of the most unique programs in Canada for advancing First Nation land claims by providing secure collateral for commercial lenders to fund the litigation process.